Farewell Christine Larson

Hello Friends,

Christine Larson, the Wild Moon Bhaktas’ multi-talented vocalist and musician has decided to depart the band for other projects.  For those of you who attended one of our kirtan-chanting concerts, you already know what a gifted performer she is:  crystal-clear soprano vocals, moving violin and rock-steady harmonium.  One fan claimed she will miss Christine’s lovely vocal solo on the chant, O God Beautiful.  Another remembers her violin on the Kabir-inspired, It’s Morning.  Others recall her vocals on the Tibetan chant, Om Tara Tu Tara.  The list of her inspired performances goes on.  How can you not sing the praises of such a talented musician?

Christine has been a cornerstone of the band’s success.  She performed with the band over one hundred times.  Event after event, she showed up ready to play.  As a bandmate, Christine was ever-present and supportive.  Her training as a classical musician and knowledge of music theory raised the musicianship of the whole band.  Christine is also a person committed to the spiritual path and brought her wisdom, generosity, and integrity on those matters to strengthen the band, as well.  She is a unique, talented human being and is irreplaceable.  We will miss her greatly.  One small consolation for those of us who will miss her:  Christine is featured prominently on the band’s 2018 CD, Why Not Wake Up.  We can enjoy that while wishing her success and happiness in future endeavors.  You can also hear her in the Dakota Valley Symphony Orchestra.

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