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“The Wild Moon Bhaktas are a spiritual/musical force to be reckoned with! Live, and on their debut CD, From the Ganges to the Mississippi, they share a passionate and exuberant call to the Divine. Virtuoso guitar, accordion and tabla playing give rise to gorgeous musical landscapes. Sinewy violin lines weave around gospel infused masculine voices, pulling chant participants into an open hearted meditative space. In both live and recorded formats, the Wild Moon Bhaktas are not to be missed!”

— Mike Cohen, Kirtan Leader Institute founder

“The Wild Moon Bhaktas, a great midwestern bhakti band you should get to know. Love this.”

Bhakti Beat Magazine


“Thank you so much for reaching out to me at the kirtan last night. I was in a very altered state and could hardly talk to you! I was simply thinking that I needed to drive my friends home safely. HA! I also had a mystical experience the month before at your kirtan. Words are not a very good container for explaining any details. You have terms and understanding of what I am talking about that I don’t have in my conscious knowledge. I want to thank the Bhaktas and other kirtaners for their part in creating a Divine Sacred Space for all of us. It is a safe space for me to let go into the Infinite. Many, many blessings to you.”

— B.Garland, Minneapolis

“This is my favorite CD! I find it very spiritually uplifting, moving, exciting and enriching. I have always gotten that from your [Wild Moon Bhaktas’] Kirtans but wasn’t sure what to expect with the CD. I was looking forward to it but it even surpassed my expectations. While it is able to still transport me spiritually it also allows me to hear even more clearly the musical talents of the band members! The CD offers me the option to chant along but I often find myself just listening to the artistry with which you play and sing. Your music is very unique with its wonderful blend of traditions — all of which I love and appreciate. No one else does what you do — and do so well. Thank you. Namaste.”

— Theresa Z., Bloomington, MN.

“The Wild Moon Bhaktas CD is one of my favorites! Their folk style and love of ancient poetry and texts are so exciting! Their music is mesmerizing and celebratory!! The obvious musical & vocal talent has the listener ecstatically clapping hands in one moment and then meditating on a devotional chant in the next. You will hear traditional poems by the great ones, including Rumi, Kabir, and Mirabai infused throughout the CD. Don’t miss the LAST song on the CD….it is a gift!……Hara Hare Mahadeva Shambo, paying homage to The Great Mother River Ganga. No matter what mood I am in, this CD makes me smile right away!

“And their live Kirtans! David Schmit oozes India when he shares. I am not certain how to describe the depth of how I feel about the drums and violin too. Also, I wanted to say something about David Ballman’s amazing singing. I can honestly say the Wild Moon Bhaktas are as much fun to watch, as they are to listen to!”


— Joy Illikainen, Duluth, Minnesota

  • Upcoming Appearances

    • Saturday, January 20, 2024
      An evening of communal chanting, kirtan & spiritual music with the Wild Moon Bhaktas
      7:30-9:30 pm. 
      Tula Yoga,  99 Snelling Ave. North
      St. Paul, MN  55104
      $15 cash please, at door
    • Saturday, February 17, 2024
      An evening of communal chanting, kirtan & spiritual music with the Wild Moon Bhaktas
      7:30-9:30 pm. 
      Tula Yoga, 99 Snelling Ave. North
      St. Paul, MN 55104
      $15 cash please, at door