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Wild Moon Bhaktas

“The Wild Moon Bhaktas are a spiritual/musical force to be reckoned with! Live, and on their debut CD, From the Ganges to the Mississippi, they share a passionate and exuberant call to the Divine. Virtuoso guitar, accordion and tabla playing give rise to gorgeous musical landscapes. Sinewy violin lines weave around gospel infused masculine voices, […]

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Bhakti Beat

“The Wild Moon Bhaktas, a great midwestern bhakti band you should get to know. Love this.”

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Testimonial: B. Garland, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you so much for reaching out to me at the kirtan last night. I was in a very altered state and could hardly talk to you! I was simply thinking that I needed to drive my friends home safely. HA! I also had a mystical experience the month before at your kirtan. Words are […]

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Testimonial: Theresa Z. of Bloomington, Minnesota

“This is my favorite CD! I find it very spiritually uplifting, moving, exciting and enriching. I have always gotten that from your [Wild Moon Bhaktas’] Kirtans but wasn’t sure what to expect with the CD. I was looking forward to it but it even surpassed my expectations. While it is able to still transport me […]

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Testimonial: Joy Illikainen of Duluth, Minnesota

“The Wild Moon Bhaktas CD is one of my favorites! Their folk style and love of ancient poetry and texts are so exciting! Their music is mesmerizing and celebratory!! The obvious musical & vocal talent has the listener ecstatically clapping hands in one moment and then meditating on a devotional chant in the next. You […]

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